We’ve launched our new Online Shop!

All of the team at The Calf Company are excited to announce that we’ve launched our brand-new store.

As specialists in the first 0-12 weeks of calf-rearing, our online catalogue brings the leading products and equipment to you.

Here you’ll find a selection of industry-leading brands and products to suit all different types of rearing systems.

We care for the next generation

We pride ourselves in paving the way for the next generation of livestock – and farmers!

Over the past 15 years at The Calf Company, we’ve tried and tested most of the tools, products and equipment out there.

The aim with our online store is to provide our customers old and new with a central destination for all of their calf-rearing needs.

Here’s what our Managing Director, Alan Barrow had to say…

Alan Barrow, Managing Director

“When speaking to customers we often find that they’re looking for a one-stop-shop for products. Many farmers are going here, there and everywhere to get the products they need, so we wanted to make it easy for them.
The Calf
Company’s new online store has been stocked with products that our customers, and our calf-rearing team, trust and use day-in-day-out. By going online, we’re able to showcase a variety of market-leading product lines to suit a range of budgets to a bigger audience”.

What can you expect?

We’ve launched our online store with a selection of the industry’s top brands. This will connect our customers with a selection of market-leading products which cover all aspects of the calf-rearing process.

We understand the need for quality, efficient and affordable equipment on the farm and will be continuously expanding our product lines to keep inline with the industry.

Not only will you find, top brand products in our marketplace, you can also browse our own range of milk replacershousing and equipment, which we deliver nationwide.

Here’s what a member of our team out in the field had to say…

Josh Barrow, Calf Rearing Specialist

“It’s great to see the online store live and to be able to connect our customers to the fantastic products we use on farm. We’ve curated a selection of products to suit a range of budgets and needs, all of which have been tried and tested by us.”
“We’re only at the beginning of our journey and I’m looking forward to continually expanding into the marketplace with new offerings, such as calf enrichment products”.

Here at The Calf Company we’re passionate about supporting our UK Farmers with products which reflect the high-standard of the UK Agricultural Industry and so sharing this news with customers old and new is really exciting time for us.

Happy shopping!

Visit our online store

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