Milk Replacers

About Our Milk Replacers

The Calf Company has over 30 years-experience of calf rearing and management at Pool Head Farm, from contract rearing 600 calves a year, we have a unique inside knowledge of Calf Health and Management.

Working with industry specialists we have formulated over 6 different ranges of both Skim and Whey based milk replacers, manufactured to our own specifications. This has enabled us to provide a product that suits all different types of calf rearing systems.

Our milk replacers are UFAS feed assured and have been fully tried and tested in the UK & Europe. 

All our UFAS feed assured milk replacers are easy mixing, can be fed once or twice daily (milk replacer should be fed twice a day until 28 days old) and are suitable for both computer and bucket rearing systems, with guaranteed consistency and quality of milk being fed to calves. 

We deliver in 1 tonne pallets and half tonne deliveries can be accommodated.

All our bags are 25kg.

Product Benefits
  • High percentages of Dairy Proteins for better growth conversion
  • High quality butter fat content
  • Balance of trace elements and vitamins to prevent deficiencies
  • High vitamin D3 levels for improved immune systems
  • Flora stabiliser for intestine comfort
  • All our powders contain gut enhancer – Enterococcus Faecum and Vitamin H Biotin 100mcg/kg to aid with hoof development in later life.

Key Ingredients That We Use:

We have trialled our products at Harper Adams University as well as using it on our own calf rearing unit at Pool Head Farm. This has resulted in a range of performance orientated milk replacers. We use a consistent and dependable pro-biotic culture combined with a well proven digestion enhancer across the whole of our range. This is on the basis, that if it benefits our calves it will benefit yours.

Product & Health Review

All our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of a on farm production review. A trained Calf Company consultant will visit the unit and give a full appraisal of current feeding and housing systems. This will identify which products and services are necessary to achieve the required production targets. The production review also establishes which particular feeding system is suitable for your unit, taking into account calving pattern and labour availability.