JFC Single Calf Hutch

Product Info

The JFC single calf hutch is strong, durable, and weather resistant. The hutch is well ventilated and easy to clean making it an extremely hygienic housing option.


  • Strong, durable and weather resistant.
  • Adjustable roof vent for ventilation.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.



  • Healthier calves with reduced infections.
  • Lower veterinary and pharmaceutical costs.
  • Lower Calf Mortality rates.
  • Allows calves receive individual attention and more effective feed monitoring.
  • Produces calves with faster growth rates, higher weaning weights and healthier appearances.
  • A more cost effective and versatile alternative to permanent shed/buildings.


Dimensions: 1651 x 1270 x 1270mm
Hutch Colour: Green

£248.50£670.50 exc. VAT