Calf Rearing Unit

The Calf Company Calf Rearing Unit

We have spent many years perfecting our calf rearing unit, enabling us to produce high quality livestock.

Pool Head Farm near Winsford, Cheshire is The Calf Company Calf Rearing Unit. These calves are reared to the highest standards of animal welfare creating our own standard of excellence. How we achieve this is by sourcing batches specifically for customer in mind, directly off farms that meet our health standard. Using our own blended Milk Powder formulas, supplementary products, equipment, housing as well as depth of knowledge in calf practise, we are able to produce this. Calves are health checked, weighed and typically 150kg when leaving farm fully vaccinated, fed on a 18% protein concentrate and forage diet; all procedures on the unit comply with the FABBL farm assurance guidelines.

We love to welcome buyers on farm to see the calves & pick what they like.

Variety of Calf Breeds for Sale
  • Aberdeen Angus (named sires)
  • Hereford (named sires)
  • British Blues

Calves are selected in even batches to meet customer requirements and simplify calf management throughout the rearing process.

If you would like to see the unit or for advice on your requirements, please get in touch.

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Calf Housing

At The Calf Company we conduct regular reviews of the production facilities . We pay particular attention to ventilation, drainage and access. We have a dedicated construction team committed to making any nessesary changes.


The type of feed and the method with which it is being fed is regularly reviewed to establish if any improvements can be made. Growth rates, herd health and labour availability are taken into account so we can offer the best solution on problem units.

Calf Health Status

All disease issues are immediately taken into account when the production review is conducted. Where necessary we will liaise with veterinary experts and discuss the options that are available to us.