Coloheat 3 in 1 Pasteuriser

Product Info

The Coloheat 3in1 is new and unique in the market!

  • The Coloheat you not only save a lot of money but also a lot of space in your feed kitchen. Warming up, pasteurising, and mixing colostrum has never been so easy to combine!
  • The Coloheat has been specially developed to increase the efficiency of the colostrum bag and the to optimize the space of your feed kitchen. In addition to pasteurizing and heating your colostrum, it is also possible to use the Coloheat as a mixer.
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    The Coloheat is very easy to operate through the panel.
    with the 3-position switch:
    1. Mixer
    2. Heating 42ºC
    3. Pasteurize cycle 60ºC

    Capacity: 4 colostrum bags of 4 litres fit at the same time
    Connection: 230V / mains water
    Version: On legs or wheels (chassis of your choice)


    1. Mixer
    You can use the Coloheat on setting 1 as a “regular” mixer to mix your artificial colostrum/milk powder or medicines, for example.
    2. Heating
    At setting 2 you can use the Coloheat to heat your colostrum bag or bottle quickly
    (+/- 15 min.). It is also possible to heat up milk to
    3. Pasteurise cycle
    During pasteurisation, the colostrum is heated for 60 minutes.
    to 60ºC and then automatically cooled back to tap water
    temperature(15-20ºC). As soon as it suits you and the colostrum has cooled down.
    you can put the colostrum bag in your freezer/refrigerator.