JFC Group Calf Hutch

Product Info

The JFC Group Calf Hutches accommodates 3-4 calves simultaneously. Well ventilated with a wide opening at front for easy access.


  • Accommodates up to 4 calves simultaneously.
  • Rear vent for increased ventilation.
  • White colour reflects sunlight and therefore prevents overheating.
  • Strong, durable and weather resistant.
  • 2 lifting hooks on roof for ease of transport.



  • Promotes early bonding.
  • Allows calves to experience the group environment in less threatening and competitive conditions.
  • Acts as transition housing to better to better prepare calves for the general herd.
  • Calves housed in group hutches tend to experience less stress when moved into the herd.
  • Produces calves with faster growth rates, higher weaning weights and healthier appearances.
  • A more cost effective and versatile alternative to permanent shed/buildings.


Dimensions: 2100 x 2150 x 1700mm
Capacity: 3-4 calves

£595.00£1,341.00 exc. VAT