Lactolamb 24-24 Lamb Milk Replacer 25kg

Product Info

Lactolamb Lamb Milk is a precisely formulated lamb milk replacer containing specially selected milk products, highly digestible oils and proteins plus vitamins and minerals to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing lambs.

  • High quality Skim based milk replacer
  • 24% Oil, 24% Protein
  • Promotes vitality and growth
  • Improves lamb health and performance
  • Reduced risk of nutritional upsets
  • Mixes easily, very palatable
  • Full mixing and feeding recommendations are on each bag
  • Can be fed hot or cold
  • Suitable for manual or machine rearing systems


Also available in 5kg & 10kg tubs or tonne deliveries – Please call us or chat with us about delivery’s over  5 25kg bags.

Also suitable for goat kids.