Teat Feeders

Calf Teat Feeders offer an efficient way of supplying milk to several calves at once.

Teat Feeders are fitted with 2 sturdy hooks for mounting on a standard gate or fence making them extremely versatile for use around the farm. For hygiene purposes they are designed with minimum crevices making them easy to clean and can be stored upside down when not in use for effective draining and drying. They are nestable for easy storage and transport.

Teat fed calves recorded improved health scores at 12 weeks
Calves fed via a teat gained an extra 1.4kg in weight to 12 weeks.

Our selection includes a variety of teats from brands like Peach Teats, Stallion, and JFC. We also supply teat feeders, offering options for single teats and larger models with up to 20 teats, including trailed feeders. Our teat feeder brands include Stallion, JFC, Stockman, and Wydale.