Calf Scour

Calf scours, also known as calf diarrhoea, is a common and potentially deadly condition affecting young calves. In this blog, we will explore the causes, symptoms, and management strategies for calf scours. Causes: Calf scours can be caused by various infectious agents, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Common pathogens involved in the development of scours […]

The Newborn Calf

✨GOLDEN HOUR✨ During this crucial hour of a calf’s life these actions must take place. Delaying the golden hour can result in increased risk of calf disease and mortality. v  Colostrum Feeding within two hours of calving. v  Navel management practice. v  Removal of the calf from cow. v  Resuscitation of the calf may be […]

Calf Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the most common cause of death and poor performance in dairy cattle under one year of age with 14.5% of dairy heifers failing to reach their first lactation due to pneumonia. Clinical Signs of Pneumonia in Calves High Temperature – taking the temperature of any calves that have common signs is the most beneficial. […]

The Calf Company Participation at UK Dairy Day 23

It’s been over a week since UK Dairy Day and what a busy day for the TCC Team! Thank you to everyone who come along for a brew and a biscuit while discussing all your calf rearing needs. On the day, our team members: Alan, Amy, Josh, Charlotte and Jacqui thoroughly enjoyed catching up with […]

We’ve launched our new Online Shop!

As specialists in the first 0-12 weeks of calf-rearing, our online catalogue brings the leading products and equipment to you. Here you’ll find a selection of industry-leading brands and products to suit all different types of rearing systems.