Stallion Smart Cow Clear Teat with valve

Product Info

The new Smart Cow Teat from Stallion is designed to fit all Stallion feeders. Fitted with a removable valve, the Stallion Smart Cow Teat has been designed for calves from 1-6 weeks and can be used with or without the valve.

The Smart Cow teat with the valve is ideal for calves 1-6 weeks as it helps the calves drink milk. When calves are older that 6 weeks, simply remove the valve as the calves have to suck harder, helping to further stimulate the saliva for better rumen development.

    • See through teat: Allows you to see the availability of milk within each teat and any dirt build up.
    • Non Absorbent: Antibacterial material is impervious to milk fat and cleaning chemicals, meaning better hygiene for your calves.
    • Save Money: Made from a new highly durable polyurethane, the teats are long lasting.
    • Two Speed Teat: Fitted with a removable valve, it is ideal for both younger and older calves. For calves 1-6 weeks, fit the valve. To better stimulate the rumen development after 6 weeks, remove the valve.
    • Hygienic: The see through design is made from easy to clean antibacterial plastic.
    • Soft and Natural: The teats are super soft and natural. This ensures the calves feed on the teat for longer.

£2.99 exc. VAT