SCCL Lamb & Kid Colostrum 1.5kg Tub

Product Info

SCCL’s Colostrum Lamb & Kid® is made only from whole bovine colostrum. It has been proven safe and effective for supplying high levels of protein, colostral fat, lactose, plus the nutrients, and growth factors required by newborn lambs and kids. Conveniently mixes within 15 seconds!

A newborn’s start is dependent on proper colostrum management. If maternal colostrum is not available or if a “top-up” is required, use SCCL’s Colostrum Lamb & Kid® as a whole fat colostrum replacer or supplement.

High Protein Content (46%)
An excellent source of essential colostral protein required by newborns during the first critical hours of life.

High Fat Content (24%)
Fat source is pure colostral fat; the fat most readily metabolized by newborns to maintain body temperature. Other fats have not been shown to provide the same benefits.

Free From Pathogens
Can be used to replace or supplement maternal colostrum when ewes or does are infected with OPP, CAE, Johne’s or other disease agents that can be transferred through infected colostrum.

Avialable in 1.5kg Tubs