SCCL Calf’s Choice Total Bovine Colostrum

Product Info

Calf’s Choice Total® is a natural bovine colostrum powder that is rich in colostral fat, a critical early source of energy for newborn calves. It provides a unique balance of both immunity and energy to meet the needs of most calves.  Calf’s Choice Total® may be used to supplement or completely replace maternal colostrum and is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum.

Key Benefits

  • Natural Bovine Colostrum – not a manufactured formula based on whey or eggs.
  • Sourced in Scotland – Free from EBL, TB, IBR, BVDV, Johne’s, E.coli, Salmonella & Brucella.
  • High in Colostral Fat – important energy source required by calves immediately after birth.
  • Safe and Effective – free of disease-causing organisms, tested for safety and efficacy.
  • Convenient – Easily mixes in under 15 seconds
  • 3-year shelf life for reliable and long-lasting use
  • GMP+ FSA Assured. 


Why choose SCCL’s colostrum replacers for your calves?

SCCL’s colostrum products are developed by veterinarians, so you can be confident for long-term health and performance of calves.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 46%
Crude Oils & Fats (in form of colostrum fat) 24%

Amount Powder
Amount Water
Feeding Purpose
0.5 Sachet (350g)
625 ml
1 Sachet (700g)
Adequate Replacer or supplement
1.5 Sachets (1050g)
Adequate Replacer
2 Sachets (1400g)
Excellent Replacer

Available in 700g sachets or 4.9kg tubs

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Dosage & Administration

Mix the powder with water (43 to 49°C) and feed within 2 hours of birth. Calves should receive a second feeding of colostrum within 8 hours. Feeding additional amounts provides health benefits and is recommended when calves are stressed or disease incidence is high.

Use the app to calculate your quantity

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