JFC Calf Jacket

Product Info

The Calf Jackets are made from high quality material that is both water and tear resistant. They are ideal to help new born calves maintain body heat and reduce illness.


  • Breathable, water Resistant material.
  • Multiple adjustable straps.
  • Machine washable.
  • Breathable material.



  • Supports growth rates.
  • Maintains the calves body temperature and protect from sudden drops in temperature.
  • Lower calf mortality rates.


Small – 65cm
Medium – 75cm
Large – 85cm

£29.50 exc. VAT

Calf jackets can help you make significant savings on feed, medication and bedding costs. and as a result calf jackets can help maintain their energy resulting in fighting off infections.

During the first 3 weeks of life, calves are extremely vulnerable to changes in temperature (temperatures below 10–15°C). Calf jackets keep calves warm in cold weather so they use their energy to grow rather than to stay warm, As well as improving weight gain in young calves that aren’t yet able to regulate their own body temperature, they can provide calves with more energy to fight off infection.