Calf Cots

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It is vitally important that the new calf is placed in a clean pen as soon as possible. This dramatically reduces the risk of the young calf contracting disease. The cots can be wheeled out of the calf housing, cleaned and returned when dry. The cot is particularly useful for year round calving herds, were there is little time for cleaning and disinfecting the calf accommodation. Please consult your Calf Company specialist for a detailed feeding plan.

Enquire About This Product

  • Calf Cot with plastic sidewalls on wheels
  • Including drinking bucket and 5 litres of food and water bowls
  • The intermediate walls (53mm) are made of strong plastic with a very long life
  • The slat floor made of hardwood is removable
  • The frame is fully galvanised to ensure a long life
  • Very stable swivel wheels with parking brake
  • The big wheels make it easy to move the calf boxes
  • The entry height of 20 cm is very low
  • The fully galvanised front grille (900mm) is provided with a plastic lower part
  • The dimension of the plastic walls is L x W x H 1600mm x 53mm x 1180mm
  • The plastic walls without seams reduce the infestation of worm and fly eggs
  • The plastic is very easy to clean
  • Single box outside dimensions L x W x H 1600mm x 1000mm x 1180mm
  • Single box inside dimensions L x W x H 1350mm x 900mm x 1000mm
  • Good value for money