Topcalf Quattro (4) Large / X Large

Product Info

  • Available in two sizes (Large/X Large).
  • Robust steel framework.
  • Insulated roof & walls.
  • Transported from front or rear with loader.
  • Optimum climate.
  • Lighting & electricity.
  • Removable plastic slatted floors.
  • Extended side walls to protect from draughts.
  • Feeding bowls, teat buckets, bucket supports included as standard.


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                                       Topcalf Quattro (4) Large / X Large

TopCalf Quattro (4) in 2 sizes (Large / X Large) designed to house 4 calves individually with the option of removable, sliding separation walls to allow a group to be created if wanted. Slatted floors allows calves to be off the floor on free draining, dry surface. Quattro (4) is standardly equipped with divisble front gates, which allow you to enter the calf pen without disturbing a drinking calf by opening only the right part of the front gate. TopCalf Quattro (4) doesnt only offer comfort to your calves but also to you as the farmer enabling you to stand upright while working in the calf pen. Equipped with lighting, electricty & insulated roof this calf pen is very easy to clean & can be transported using a loader by front or rear. The calf pens are supplied completely assembled with accessories as standard. 


Dimensions: 4.2M Length x 2M Height x 2.4M Depth 

Pen Size = 1M x 1.6M 


Dimensions: 5M Length x 2M Height x 2.4M Depth

Pen Size = 1.2M x 1.8M