Topcalf Mobile Housing Unit (MHU)

Product Info

  • Insulated roof.
  • Optimum climate control.
  • Optional outdoor pen.
  • Palisade Feed Fence (Optional Holm & Laue feed fence).
  • Lighting & electricity.
  • Can be moved by loader from the front & side.
  • Optionally sliding door & outdoor pen.


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                                        Topcalf Mobile Housing Unit (MHU)

MHU is the perfect solution for calves up to 16  weeks old. This calf housing solution stimulates social interaction between calves. The MHU can house 4 to 6 calves and can optionally be equipped with a sliding door and a outdoor pen. The MHU has an insulated roof and walls keeping the calves at the optimum temperature. Attention should be paid to the placement of the unit, whereby draughts in the calf unit should  be avoided. 

The Mobile Housing Unit (MHU) includes a palisade feed fence as standard and a plastic slatted floor at the front of the calf unit. In addition, the MHU is equipped with lighting, electricity, hay rack and a drinking bowl with connection as standard. 

The MHU has plastic walls &  grids which makes it very easy to clean once the calves have been transferred to to the next accommodation. The MHU can be moved easily as it can be lifted from the side as well as the front with a loader. This way the MHU can be moved and the remains can be cleaned.

Topcalf Mobile Housing Unit Details 
External dimensions: L x W x H1 x H2 per unit: 4500mm x  2295mm x 2403mm x 1900mm
Wall thickness: 35 mm
Insulated Roof: Falk brand (sandwich panels)
Colour: Pebble Grey