Deluxe Dehorning Crate

Deluxe Calf Dehorning Crate

Product Info

  • Raised centre and anti backing bar keep calf up and forward
  • Both wheels on one side make it very easy to move around
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised

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Deluxe Calf Dehorner

Rachet Push-Up Backing Bar

Quick Release Front Door

Spring Loading Headlocking Bar

Ratchet Belly Band

Wheels are lowered when in use


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  • Ensures calves can be safely secured during dehorning. This ensures the calf cannot accidentally be injured during the procedure.
  • The dehorning crate comes on a set of wheels meaning it can easily be transported around the yard.
  • Belly support band and rachet rear rump to ensure calf stays still, again aiding the safety of the calf.
  • Opening front door for releasing, to allow calf to be easily released, which saves time making the procedure more efficient.

Specification Internal Dimensions  

L. 1.040m
W. 0.380m
H. 1.080m