Stockman 6 Teat Compartment Calf Feeder

Product Info

Stockman Calf Feeders are an Irish made strong and sturdy Calf Feeder.

  • Maximum Capacity – 42 litres.
  • Galvanised steel hangers that will fit most types of gates and fences.
  • 22mm hole that allows a wide variety of teats to be fitted.
  • The teat well allows for maximum drainage.
  • Teats are well positioned out so that the calves are comfortable.
  • Made from a high standard material, that makes them easy to clean.


Lightweight & Effortless Cleaning: Experience hassle-free feeding routines! Our feeders are not only lightweight for easy maneuvering but are also designed for quick and easy cleaning, saving you valuable time on the farm.

Anti Bunt Clips for Added Security: No more worries about calves bunting the trough off! All our feeders come equipped with anti-bunt clips, providing extra security and preventing accidental dislodging.

Versatile Teat Compatibility: The 22mm hole in our feeders is designed to fit a variety of pull-through teats, including popular brands like Milkbar, Peach Teats, Big Softy, and more. Choose the teat that suits you without any additional cost for caps.

Sunken Reservoir Design: Our troughs feature a sunken reservoir, ensuring that all milk drains through the teat, preventing residue buildup at the bottom of the trough. Say goodbye to unnecessary cleaning hassles!

No Extra Caps Required: Forget about additional costs and potential leakage issues. Our feeders eliminate the need for extra caps to fix the teats, providing a cost-effective and leak-free solution.

Both supplied with teats and anti-bunt brackets to enhance stability on gates.

Dimensions are 996mm in length, 290mm in height and 260 in width.

£136.00 exc. VAT