Kerbl Non Digital Superheat Milk Heater

Product Info

Shaped for faster heater and digital control maintains temperature.

Details for warming calf milk and colostrum

There is no doubt calves do better on warm milk. They grow faster and are less susceptible to disease, a fact alone that makes the milk warmer an essential piece of equipment.

The milk warmer will heat 100 litres of milk from 17øC to 37øC in approximately 1 hour.

Simply immerse the milk warmer in the milk to the correct depth, set the thermostat to the desired setting and connect to a suitable electrical supply.

The milk warmer is maintenance free with correct usage and storage.

80cm tall / 16cm wide

230 watt milk / water heater

Technical Data: Power Consumption : 2300W
Voltage: 230 Volts AC Weight 4.6 kg Protection: IP 44

Optional Suspension bar

£50.00£210.00 exc. VAT