Kerbl ColostroStart Colostrum Bags – Pack Of Ten (With Teat and Drench Probe)

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The feeding of calves during the first days of life or even immediately after birth is crucial for their further development.

First milk, also known as colostrum, has a higher percentage of immunoglobulins and nutrients compared to normal cow’s milk. Consequently, the new-born calf needs to take in higher quantities of the high-quality colostrum straight away.

It is recommended that a colostrum store be created with frozen colostrum. This means that there is always a stock of high-quality first milk available. If the quality of the colostrum after birth is poor (e.g. in heifers) or the amount produced is too low, frozen colostrum can be used instead.

Colostrum management – ColostroStart

The products in our ColostroStart Colostrum Management System are the best way to help you to provide your new-born calves with colostrum.

The aluminium pouches (4 litres) are easy to fill and can be pasteurised (optional), frozen and reheated without any problems.

To administer the colostrum, simply screw on the drinking teat or drencher probe.

£22.00 exc. VAT

ColostroStartSET 10

• 10 colostrum bags

• 1 teat

• 1 drencher probe