Single Calf Cots

Product Info

  • Calf cot with plastic sidewalls
  • The intermediate walls are made of strong thick (53mm) seamless plastic panels
  • The plastic walls without seams reduce the infestation of worm and fly eggs
  • The plastic is very easy to clean
  • Removeable slat floor made of hardwood (optional plastic floor available)
  • The frame is fully galvanised to ensure a long life
  • The entry height of 15cm is very low
  • The fully galvanised front grille (900mm) is provided with a plastic lower panel

Enquire About This Product

The calf cots on legs are available as single, double or trio cots.

The calf cots on legs consist of a galvanized frame that is approximately 15cm from the floor and contains a hardwood slatted floor.

Includes drinking bucket and 5 litre food and water bowl

Dimensions and Specifications

Internal dimensions: LxWxH:  1340 x 900 x 980 mm

External dimensions: LxWxH: 1600 x 1960 x 1180 mm

Also available in different sizes – please contact us for further details.

Thickness: 53 mm

Colour: Black