Double Calf Cot

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It is vitally important that the new-born calf is placed in a clean pen as soon as possible. This dramatically reduces the risk of the young calf contracting disease. The great advantage of these calf cots is that they are easy to clean and dry. The cot is particularly useful for year-round calving herds, where there is little time for cleaning and disinfecting the calf accommodation.

Prices may vary due to how many cots.

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  • The intermediate walls (53mm) are made of strong plastic with a very long life. 
  • The plastic walls without seams reduce the infestation of worm and fly eggs. 
  • The plastic is very easy to clean. 
  • The frame is fully galvanised to ensure a long life. 
  • The fully galvanised front grille (900mm) is provided with a plastic lower part. 
  • Front entrance gate. 
  • Great value for money 


Double Calf Pens: 

Size Inner size: 1900 x 1500 mm per pen

Front gate with 2x Calf Teat-bucket and feed pans 

Delivery at cost depending on the number of pens.