Stallion 20 Teat Feeder

Product Info

Stallion Calfeteria Range -20 Teat Open Calf Feeder

  • Neat solution to feeding of evenly batched calves.
  • Open trough style
  • Screw-in peach teats
  • Strong, durable, easy to clean and built to last
  • All come complete with brackets and Peach Teats ready to use


Capacity: 160 litres
Dimensions:940H x 1120
Mounting: Four legs galvanised frame


Made In New Zealand

£277.00 exc. VAT

A sturdy calf feeder with the popular Peach Teat feeding system. Peach Teats have integral non return valve and slits each side of the nipple ensuring the teat is leak resistant. Calves feed well on these teats and the feeder is designed for good clearance of milk. Made from easy to clean high impact, durable, long-lasting materials.
Kim’s Tip – use a sandbag across frame underneath for extra stability with strong calves!