Speedy Feeder Calf Feeder

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Speedy Feeder 2.5Ltr / 4Ltr

With Speedy Feeder when you get a real fast drinker switch to a faster setting and let him go for it. When you have a weak or premature calf needing careful feeding switch to a slower setting and let it take milk as it can cope without drowning. The three speeds control the air inflow into the bottle and thus the milk outflow. Reduce time wasted on speedsters and prevent drowning weaklings all using the same bottle and teat.

Please note that the 2.5Ltr and 4Ltr bottles come with a teat top featuring a peach teat.

Choose from 2.5Ltr, 4Ltr,  Spare Lid Assembly, Drencher Lid Assembly & Speedy Feeder Replacement Teat.

Speedy Drencher Lid and Tube

  • Ideal for administering colostrum to calves
  • Simply bend the tube at the base to restrict milk flow before insertion into the calf’s stomach
  • Calf Stomach feeder designed to fit the Shoof Speedy Feeder bottle / interchangable between the Shoof Speedy Feeder / Drencher Bottle.



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