Patavie – SP Colostrum Substitute

Product Info

Research has shown that 40% of cow’s colostrum has less than the required level of Immunoglobulin’s. This is a particular problem in high yielding dairy herds.

Patavie sp is produced using colostrum that is selected from DISEASE FREE dairy cows (IBR-free), only colostrum of a high Immunoglobulin levels are used in this product (60% Colostrum). Once the colostrum has been selected it is then fortified with essential vitamins that aid absorption.

  • Provides quick energy and protective substances (immunoglobulins through colostrum) for young animals.
  • Vitality and antibodies for newborn animals. Patavie SP brings high-quality antibodies and immunity transmission through colostrum immediately after birth.

PACKAGING: Box of 20 x 100g sachets



Mix one sachet (100 g) in 500 ml of warm water (40ºC) feed within the first 8 hours of life to complement cow’s colostrum (can also be mixed with whole milk or milk replacer).

Repeat once or twice at intervals of 6-12 hours for weak animals.