Lamb Sure Colostrum

Product Info

Lamb Sure Colostrum contains 100% pure, natural colostrum – no manufactured by-products. This ensures a feed that’s as close as possible to the mother’s own.

Lamb Sure is a easy, fast and no hassle mixing colostrum. The high fat content mirrors that of the mother’s colostrum. This ensures all lambs get the energy necessary for strong and healthy development.

  • 100% pure, natural colostrum – no manufactured by-products
  • High energy colostrum
  • Helps boost the lambs’ immune system
  • Vitamins A, D3 & E to counter common deficiencies in new born lambs
  • Quick & easy to mix
  • Ideal for colostrum deprived lambs

25g Sachets
500g Tub (Feeds 20 lambs)
1kg Tub (Feeds 40 lambs)


Data Sheet

Milk replacer powder, dried colostrum powder.

Analytical Components
Protein 43% Oil 15.7% Fibre 0.1% Ash 3% Vitamin A 23 000 IU/ Vitamin D3 7 700 IU Vitamin E 150 IU Enterococcus faecium (probiotic) 3,1.10 c.f.u/kg

Mix 25g Lamb Sure with 120ml (4 fl. oz.) of warm water, to make 150ml of liquid feed. Feed to the lamb as soon as possible after birth and definitely within 6 hours.

Use A complementary feed for the new-born lamb deprived or deficient in colostrum from its mother.