Breeding Stock

In the ever changing and fast paced industry of Agriculture there is a growing need for businesses within the industry to move forward and grow at an ever increasing pace, as economically and efficiently as possible.

We aim to offer the support, advice and services to assist in this growth.

We pride ourselves in a professional and personal approach to purchasing dairy replacements from around Europe, from the booking of the trip (all expenses paid), sourcing of the cattle to the delivery of them to your farm for a long productive life.

We recommend that you select your own cattle, as this gives you the opportunity to see the cattle on their farm of origin and to meet the vendor, giving you the reassurance of quality. The visit normally lasts 2 days with the cattle then arriving about 10 days later with a full and comprehensive health check and all necessary vaccinations and paper work, where your own calf company representative will be present to ensure all stock and you are happy upon arrival.

Visiting the farm of origin

The visit normally lasts for 2 days leaving early on the first day and returning late the following evening. After selection the cattle receive a comprehensive health check and all necessary vaccinations will be given. Selection to delivery is normally 10 days.

All cattle are supplied on a CIP basis (Carriage and insurance paid) In addition to this we provide a further 30 days insurance which covers a 100% payment should any animals die or a payment of 25% should any pregnant animal abort.

All the cattle we supply come complete with milking records of the dam and grand dam.

All our cattle are imported under the highest welfare standards.

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Breeding stock videos

Take a look at some of the latest breeding stock videos.