About our housing systems

The Calf Company's calf housing systems have been developed with the well- being of the calves, a good climate and your convenience in mind. These are some of the most important ingredients for optimal housing and calf care.

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Optimum Climate Calf Barns
Easily managed calf housing system

The latest development in calf housing from The Calf Company includes the OCCB housing system. A unique insulted housing system allowing calves to be reared in social groups of 7-10 up to 12 weeks of age in their own micro environment, this promotes healthy calf growth due to non-sharing of airspace between next door groups. You are able to house a great number of calves by linking a number of housing bays together as you need. The well thought-out housing design ensures simple and very practical working processes for feeding, watering, animal inspections and cleaning to ensure easy calf management. The bays are separated by 52mm reinforced fully insulted poly propylene recycled plastic walls and resistant to ammonia and UV rays which gives the building long lifetime. Each unit measure 3m wide x 5m depth, 2m rear height x 2.5m front with 1m overhang of the fully insulted roof sheets.

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Key Points
  • Accommodates up to 10 calves per barn
  • Each pen creates its own micro climate. This promotes healthy calf growth due to non-sharing of air space between next door groups
  • 52mm reinforced insulted plastic walls keeping calves cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Each section has its own air space, isolated pens allows pens to be wash out and disinfected without neighbouring calves being affected
  • Seamless, insulated poly propylene recycled plastic walls ensure extremely easy cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • The plastic is resistant to ammonia and UV radiation
  • Adjustable rails for the front feeding gateFast and easy to build. Long lifetime
  • Front gate opens fully for easy access for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Fully galvanised feed fence with integrated entrance for access
  • Low drug costs
  • Fast and easy to build - long lifetime
  • Multiple units can be added easily

OCCB Unit Includes
  • Milk bar 10 teats (1 per unit)
  • Hook over trough
  • Water bowl
  • Front gate with person entry gate
  • Rear gutter

Calf Housing
Strong, practical and affordable

Synthetic calf Housing
Good, practical and affordable!

The strong synthetic walls are durable and easy to clean. Measuring 150 x 90 cm, the calf Housing are well within keeping of EC rules and legislation. The front fence can be opened from either side (right and left hinged). This makes it possible to place the Housing in almost any location.

Calf Housing on wheels

The great advantage of this is that the Housing can be moved out of the shed for cleaning. This prevents the other calves from getting wet and reduces the risk of contamination. Our calf Housing on wheels can be delivered as single boxes or in sets of two or three. The Housing can also be supplied on feet if required.

The calf Housing are delivered in kit form and include an easy to use manual and all the necessary assembly materials.

Outdoor Calf Huts System

These mobile outdoor calf huts of a high quality construction with well thought out design features. They can be placed in a row for summertime use and facing each other for wintertime use.

The huts are very stable and strong due to a frame of 3-5 mm profiled galvanized steel and very strong water proof panel material. Each hut is provided with a front gate including 2 stainless steel bowls which are placed under the overhanging roof to keep the feed dry in all weathers. The calves are above ground level providing a draught free environment. Every stable has a dimension of 5 x 2,5 m and 1 m overhang. This way you and your calves stay dry. The galvanized frame is a solid base. Simplicity and durability are paramount!

You can order a Flexi-stable as from 2 departments. The stable will be delivered as a construction kit. Models shown are with pallet forks slide inserts, and without.

Calf Housing with lifting system

You want to move the calf Housing easily but you don't need a hardwood grill and wheels? The calf Housing with lifting system might be exactly what you need! The calf Housing are exactly the same as the permanent ones, only performed with a lifting system. You lift the calf Housing with a loader or shovel. Lifting systems are deliverable for one, two or three boxes at once.

For pricing and further information, please contact us.