Who we are?

The Calf Company Europe Ltd is a livestock company based in Winsford, Cheshire. We are a specialist company in the industry who are able to offer a complete package to the modern livestock producer. We focus on importing of quality livestock, Genetics & Nutrition.

Why choose us?

We understand the wants and needs customers have, by producing our own calves it give The Calf Company unique approach, as we are able to demonstrate all feeding systems at our local unit. We use this facility to fully evaluate all the products we supply. We provide product reviews allowing the clients to identify what products and services are necessary to achieve the required production target.

Calf Housing

The Calf Company offers a full range of specialist calf housing. Suitable for a range of rearing systems from individual calf pens to dedicated calf buildings. The "Optima Climate Calf Barns” (OCCB) are sturdy group housing for calves from 1 to 14 weeks of age. The material is made of 53 mm Propylene plastic. The excellent climate promises a smooth calf rearing with best breeding results. It accommodates 7-10 calves per barn which can be expandable by further compartments.

Meet our team


Alan Barrow
Managing Director


Diane Tipping
Sales & Accounts Manager


Amy Barrow
Sales & Marketing Manager


Josh Barrow
Calf Rearing Specialist


Stuart Barrow
Nutrition and Support


Dave Robinson
Construction and Equipment

Livestock sales

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